Fun with Imgur

10 September 2012

So I got bored and wrote a little app that downloads images from imgur at random (just a randomly generated 5 char string). I was completely surprised at the stats of what I found. Out of a sample of 100 pictures at random (took about 5 min to get them all):

Minecraft: 7 pics Pornographic material: 8 pics Portraits/Selfies: 13 pics Other video games: 15 pics Anime: 4 pics Cats: 3 pics

53 pics left that were just random other stuff 43 of the pics were computer generated or screenshots while the rest being photographs (some were photo-shopped but started out as a real photo)

Now this was only 1 sample of 100 randomly selected photos but the categories that show up the most kind of surprised me.

On average, it takes about 430 (specifically 427, 429, & 429) tries to get 100 pictures which means that imgur is currently using about 23% of their 62^5 or 916,132,832 available pictures with their current 5 character-62 possibility per character format.  This is about 210,710,551 pictures currently hosted.  The numbers are mind boggling.

All of the files are stored as is and can be accessed as jpg, png, or gif. All of these methods return the original type (even if you access **.jpg and it was uploaded as **.png then you get **.png as a **.jpg)

26 files were png files, 2 were gifs, and the remaining 72 were jpeg files.

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