Current Projects

This one is almost fully functional

ZoneBuilder is aimed at being a complete fastfile creator for IW4. It is nearing completion but still has a long way to go. If you are interested either check out the source on GitHub or the thread on ItsMods



A small modification to the T4 client in order to aid modders who were hitting asset limits, memory limits, etc. IT also adds some features like a full FOV slider and borderless windowed mode.


Previous Projects
Assorted IW5M (InfinityScript) Mods

I have written a large ammount of code for IW5M that hasn't gotten released or got scrubbed from the forums recently. Starting with QCZM, the mod I have spent so much freaking time working on. And litereally no one plays it.... oh well asshats.

IW5GSC was another one that emulated GSC under InfinityScript but, again, no one used It so I stopped dev on it. GSCCompiler is the result of IW5GSC and compiles GSC to InfinityScript compatable CIL (.net code) but never got to a point where it was usable.

Random (Top down?) zombies game
I've been working on this one in some form or another for about 3 years now. Haven't gotten anything even close to playable yet but it still just sits there taunting me. I don't have any screenshots because nothing really works as of right now. It is written in C# using OpenTK as the graphics base. It has a fully working filesystem and asset caching system that is just sitting there... Really useful right?


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